Love Upgraded is a coaching & lifestyle brand that teaches women to live a balanced healthy lov e & life.

Love Upgraded is a coaching & lifestyle brand that teaches women to live a balanced healthy love & life.

Get to know Me

I'm Christina Porto, a ICF certified Life coach specializing in Relationships. I started Love Upgraded to help empower women to create a life they truly are proud of everyday. It is my personal mission in life to guide women in having the confidence they need to thrive in all aspects of their lives. To maintain a positive mindset, live a healthy life, thrive in their goals and be in love with the relationship they're in. 

I believe, when you figure out what it is you really want in this life, you will make it your mission to get it. 

When your heart is craving for more, it is in that moment that you need to show up and push yourself out of the box you created around yourself. I believe with effort anyone can can figure out and achieve what they truly want in life. Settling is no longer a option. Stop getting in your own way to achieve all that is possible for yourself. 

It is my purpose to guide you toward the path to living a balanced life filled with no bs drama, genuine love, and inner confidence that lets you shine. 

If you're reading this now I truly believe you were meant to be here.

If you're anything like me, it took overcoming my insecurities, action and the dream of believing in my future that brought me the fulfilling life I have now. By leaving what I was comfortable being apart but deep down knew it wasn't the future I deserved.

Empowering myself showed me that I wanted to help women the way I helped myself. If I could change my lifestyle around then women anywhere could leave that bad relationship, change careers, get healthy, be proud of who they are and ultimately go down any path they wanted.

With grace and the willingness to succeed nothing can get in the way of upgrading your life to one you are deeply in love with. It's a impactful decision to make but that choice is what keeps you from reaching where you need to be. 

When things break apart choose to see it as the beginning of your next chapter. That is grace is action.
— Mastin Kipp
Me in Tuscany, Italy

I want to guide you to the journey of being the best version of yourself. No matter what you've been through. How old you are. How uncertain your feel. You derserve to be the women you know you want to be deep inside. 

If they’re any doubts in the lifestyle you're living then take that as your sign! Your intuition is telling you that it doesn't have to end here.

You can and should adventure out and discover what it is you want. Allow yourself what your soul is craving. Life goes by too fast to let deny yourself true happiness.

Let me help you break free from what is truly holding you back, your own mind. A life worth living is not in your head, it’s out doing the things you love to do.
— Christina Porto


I would love to help you put your life back together, start fresh and begin your journey to upgrading your love and life to be the best it’s ever been.

Looking forward to connecting with you!



It’s never too late to be the person you are meant to be.
— Christina Porto

Christina Porto Relationship coach
My soul- driven desire to help women feel beautiful and confident inside and out, is exactly why my heart-centered business was born.
— Christina Porto


Professional Bio: 

Founder of Love Upgraded Christina is a Life & Relationship coach giving millenial women advice in the modern dating world. 

She empowers the new wave of female change makers who are ready to manifest their desires, get out of their heads and connect to their inner truth. She has created a movement of women upgrading their love and falling in love with their lives. When she isn’t working you can find her at the cooking a flavorful latin dish, in a Yoga or Zumba class or watching one of her fave shows at home. She enjoys taking her dog for long walks, and traveling with her husband on beautiful adventures filled with laughter.

She helps women get out of their negative thoughts, overcome the blocks holding them back and finally get out of their own way to stay true to their hearts.

Christina coaches in all heart fundamentals – love, life, dating, relationships, breakups and most importantly the relationship you have with yourself.

You can connect with Christina on her site or follow her on Social media. 

It’s never too late to say F**k this and start over.
— Christina Porto