5 ways to Keep Your New Year New You Resolutions

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Slay the New You All Year

The New Year brings a lot of inspiration to our lives. It allows us to think of all the things that we would like to try and better ourselves with. We often find the need to reevaluate our lives when the year comes to the end. Whether it be to sets goals like losing weight, finding a new job, starting a self care routine or even trying to be a be open to love again.

It all starts off with the eagerness to sets resolutions, create vision boards and telling yourself for real I’m going to slay the new year and be the best me yet.

I’m all for creating a resolution that sticks. But getting yourself to stick with them after the first few weeks of January is the trickiest part. I remember having resolutions that I truly wished I could stick to.

Like that time I wanted to go to the gym 5 times a week, Or that one year I really wanted to read a book a week and let’s be real to really use my Barnes and Noble membership my fiancé had bought me as a gift. I started off strong proud of myself for putting the effort to want to do those things. I wanted to be healthier and wiser and why shouldn't I have that desire?

But then it happened...You know regular day life. Going to work, having to come home and cook  then watch y shows. Wanting to relax and watch a show rather than go to the gym and force myself to motivate into my workout pants. Laying in bed knowing I was supposed to read and then it ended up with me reading 3 pages and just falling asleep.


It will happen but not overnight. With these practices you can have the lifestyle you hoped for yourself all year long. Learning new habits can be achievable when its but to use daily. 


After many attempts throughout the year, I finally found the solution to sticking with the New Year New Me plan.

Holding yourself accountable is the key to keeping your resolutions. That means writing it down in a journal, making someone your accountability partner, setting reminders on your phone and putting yourself in the spotlight by expressing out loud what you want your year to look like.


With these 5 steps you can achieve the New Year New You resolutions you have set for yourself after the hype of the New Year ends.



  1. Be clear with what you want your goals to be

We can get way ahead of ourselves when we think of all the things we want to change about ourselves for the new year. We reflect of all the things we think we need changed but having too many challenges can overwhelm you all at once. If you really want to get things accomplished choose 3 most important changes or improvements you want to accomplish so that all you focus goes into each one. After you see you’re actually slaying at them for more than three months then you can add on another new year new you resolution for yourself. There is nothing wrong with having a lot of resolutions, you just need to make sure we are clear about what is most important. This will actually help in bettering yourself this year.


    2. Putting it in writing where you can’t help but see it everyday

When you write something it down you are more likely to believe it will happen. It’s easy to say you want to create more you time. But being specific with how you will make that time is how you can stick with making it happen. Write it down in a book you look at everyday. Or put it on post its and stick it to your bathroom mirror. Writing down your tasks where you can see it alot will mentally allow you to focus on you going to do it. Out of sight out of mind. But in sight brings insight to get it done. If your resolution is to feel more beautiful in your skin, seeing affirmations that remind you of your beauty can help boost your mood and beliefs. Practice daily for achieving these goals.

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    3. Telling someone you're close to what you want to achieve

Someone you are close to will be able to call you out on your grind.  If you tell them you want them to call you out when you're not doing what it takes to achieve your resolution, you will be more accountable in getting the task done. Maybe that means telling your friend or boyfriend I need to go to Yoga class 3 times this week. By telling them your task it allows them to be able to remind you  to get out of your own way and  get your butt out the door to the gym. Yes, sometimes it might be annoying having someone tell you what to do when all you want to do is the opposite. But they are reminding you because holding you accountable will better benefit your goals to slay in the new year all year long. They will remind you why you wanted to get it done in the first place.


    4.   Visualize yourself sticking with the resolution

Our thoughts are more powerful than we allow ourselves to realize. Practice visualizing yourself doing your resolution. If your resolution is to allow yourself to more self-care time, visualize  yourself getting up, turning off the tv, silencing your phone. Then turning on a hot shower, lighting a candle, playing a soothing song from a playlist. Then allow yourself to just relax. Let your thoughts go blank. Just breathe. Picture yourself feeling more relaxed. Being less stressed from work. It takes patience but feeling yourself actually accomplishing the task can motivate you to do it. Since you can actually teach your body to react in a way it saw yourself acting on. It’s a easy way to learn to create a pattern that triggers your memory to make it a habit. Once you get your resolutions to be a habit it you’ll naturally be slaying at them.


     5. Believing in your outcome

When you’re making the choice to be a better person period you’re already are a step ahead at winning. Feel the emotion you would feel if you actually did make this a part of your lifestyle. That thought of knowing you look great, feel great and are doing it all can make your body think you got it like that. Believing in yourself and having that confidence it takes to keep going is what will get you to where you want to be. The new year is just a starting line to the outcome you want to have by the end of this year. You want this to be your reality then know that you're actually going to do what it takes to make it part of your life.


Slaying at our resolutions takes a conscience choice. It’s making those choices that allow us to be the fearless beauties we truly are. By applying these principles to your daily routine watch yourself get what you want done. You have it within you to have your best year yet. Put the effort forward to achieving your resolutions all year long. By the end of the year you’ll be so proud  of yourself you’ll have the confidence to do all the things that brings happiness to your life.


Do you believe in New Year resolutions? What have you tried doing in years prior that fell off? Are you ready to make your resolutions achievable? Do you have the motivation to be the new year new you you dream of being?

Practice these principles and tell me in the comments if you think you can get it done.