6 Ways Online dating can find you your winning man

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Let online dating win over your potential love.


Online dating has been around for years. People have been using it to find relationships without having to be out on the scene throwing back drinks and a foggy memory of how you even got that new number in your phone.


Although it’s been known to have a bad rep. People claim it’s not their thing because it’s for hookups. Or make excuses that it’s too much work. But to me It’s a easier way to get to know someone without it having to turn into just a hookup. When used the right way, online dating could find you the kind of guy you can meet anywhere but your paths never got that chance to cross until you tried. Without having to wait around for him to find you. It takes a open mind and the right approach to be able to meet with a potential guy who could be your next real relationship.

I met my husband online at a point where I was like hey if it happens it happens if not it what do I have to lose. I let my guard down Andy heart open. I gave it a try and eventually was able to meet someone who I felt like I new my whole live after. That is why I I believe that single women shouldn't be guarded in taking that chance in finding a potential love online. When you allow yourself to stay true to who you are it doesn't matter where you meet a guy as long as the outcome helps you grow and possibly find you the love you desire.



Use these 6 ways  to get your online dating skills up to par with attracting you're winning man.



  1. Slay your profile picture


Let’s be real guys are visual creatures. In today’s society everything is visual. There is nothing wrong with having our own type and first physical attraction. Should we let that affect how we think we look? No! But I’m a huge believer in always putting effort in looking your best for you. So the next time you’re feeling your look, find some good lighting, work your angles and take some pictures of yourself. No shame in capturing your beauty. Men like confidence so if you want to attract a confident man then have the same vibe. When you feel beautiful you look beautiful. Keep it classy with natural pictures of yourself having fun and being you.


2. Keep it real with what you're looking for


If you put it out there from the beginning what you want then you won’t have to waste time getting to that point. You don’t want to wait until the fifth day to find out he doesn’t want to have a serious relationship.  Or worse you don’t want to be talking to a guy online for eight weeks and he doesn’t even ask you out on a date. Be clear with explaining the answers to your profile questions. If you’re looking to find someone who wants to have adventures with you and travel the world say it. If you’re looking for someone who is into being a homebody, relaxing on the weekends and loves photography be clear. Try to attract the closest kind of guy you feel would satisfy your desires. Even if they don’t fit the exact scenerios just having one thing in common like the ones you do like could create a sweet connection.


3. Be honest about who you are


Don’t be afraid to share who you are. Be real about what you’re looking for in a relationship. Explain the things you like to do for fun and what your likes are. When you’re honest about who you are and not trying to sound like someone else we find genuine connections. Being able to share your interests with someone brings fun vibes to the process of online dating. They see it as a woman who has her own life and interests that make her happy. Let him know how you do. Being confident in your life but honest about love would be the missing puzzle piece. When you date someone who is a positive person it could make you a positive couple in your potential relationship. When you’re honest about who you are you, love can be formed.

6 ways online dating can find you your winning man


4. Take a look around


You’ve shared yourself now it’s time they share who they are. If you’re going to be engageing with guys then only choose to spend time on the ones with good profiles. The more effort he put the more serious he could be in finding a potential partner. WHen you find a few like that you can see potential in message them. Online dating has no rules when it comes to who reaches out first. If your potential man hasn’t seen you online. There isn't a rule then that you can't be the first to say hi. As long as you then let him be the one to initiate the rest. 


6. Ask meanings questions

Ask questions that have real meaning behind them. For example asking What quality is most attractive to you in a partner? A reply that isn’t a physical response is more attractive then What’s your type? Open ended positive questions will allow a easy flow in getting to know each other. 


5. Play the field


Until you actually get asked on a few in person dates with a guy online, you are allowed to play the field. You should reopen to looking at different sites. Get to know a few guys before deciding on the main one you want to actually date. Getting to know your options will help boost your chance at finding the right guys for you. Whoever puts the most effort and sparks your interests can be the one you choose to be your winning guy. 

6. Know your worth

It  may take getting to know each other behind the scenes for a few weeks before you actually feel comfortable enough with a guy your found interesting online. Just because you met him online doesn't mean he shouldn't treat you with the respect you deserve. Once you really start building a flirty back and forth rapport that is the point where meeting in person on a date should be brought up. Do not meet up with someone unless they are actually asking you out on a date. The benefit of meeting online is that you can take your time getting to know each other. But the best part if by the time you do get to meet in person you already have formed a connection making you more comfortable in the moment.

Meeting someone online can be the best thing you allowed yourself to try. There are different options out there to try to meet your potential guy. In today's day online dating gives you a wider field of options to date.  Good people unexpectedly meet online all the time. I met my husband online when I was ready to You have allow yourself to be open to love and the possibilities of meeting someone knew.  

Have you tried online dating before? Are you open to finding love online? Do you think meeting someone online is easier than meeting one in person? Let me know what your thoughts are in the comments below.

Thanks for reading.