7 ways to boost your confidence to better your relationship

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Confidence can empower us to do so many things. When you're capable of achieving it in love it allows maintaining our self-identities while still being able to create an engaging relationship. It can give us the ability to make ourselves a priority but still know what is important to us. When you maintain the self-esteem to boost your confidence you bring an energy that people feel as a positive vibe they want around. 

No one wants to be around someone who is always down on life. It's normal to have to practice more positive behavior. Our everyday lives, the news, our society can throw off our balance if we don't put the effort forward to boost our self-esteem for yourself most importantly. A confident woman is the most attracted quality to have.

Use these confidence boosters in your relationship to be sure of yourself and your love life.

Let yourself speak up for what you want in life and in your relationships.


  1. Let yourself speak up for what you want in life and in your relationships.                                                                                                                                                                            Admit it women are people pleasers. We can't always put people before ourselves or they will see you as someone they take advantage of. Choosing to put yourself first lets your man know your strong, independent and don't need to be codependent of his attention. Make sure each individual understands that each partner in a relationship has needs and wants, and allows his/her own needs to be known. Pleasing one another is a two-way street to the person with good self-esteem.
  2. Be happy with what you have and who your man really is not who you want him to be.                                                              When you have a positive self-esteem you won't allow someone to take advantage of your accepting behavior. By allowing yourself to be with someone you want to change you are attracting only more issues and insecurities. You can create feelings of resentment and unhappiness by accepting things about your partner but then complaining about the things they do that shouldn't have been allowed in the first place. Communicate regularly each of your wants and needs then meet in the middle to keep both of you happy. Compromise is something that allows relationships to prosper. Stop being a fixer in love. instead, fix yourself a Confidence booster smoothie to let yourself attract the qualities you deserve. 
  3. Start enjoying your own company.                                          Being alone to allow yourself time to relax, go to a class, write in your journal or even hanging with your girls is a requirement in boosting your confidence. Having time for you lets you feel like you are still connecting, learning and discovering. Allowing yourself time for self-care rejuvenates your balance. It also lets you, partner, know that you are capable of reflecting and growth without him by your side every minute. Plus it will let you guys miss each other. A woman with strong self-esteem can enjoy time on her own. She knows that time for yourself is a renewing experience that renewal makes each of the partners more balanced.

  4. Practice not being needy of anyone's attention.                  Confident women trust and respect each others time. They don't need to cling on to each other every move to feel loved. Each individual in the relationship is responsible for their own happiness, not base that happiness on the consuming attention of the other person. 
  5. Always do your best to be honest.                                           Keep it real with your partner on what it is that has past hurt that causes your insecurities in the relationship. If he knows what it is that can trigger you from feeling your confident self he will. try to prevent it from happening. When your honest in explaining the things that can affect your confidence it's a great way to teach your man about helping you overcome them. 

  6. Self Love is the Best love.                                                    Showing yourself the confidence boost you need will happen when you learn to take care of yourself. Keep your heart, mind, and body connected by staying healthy, meeting new friends, or trying something your partner would never do with you. Being confident in your lifestyle choices can help you foster your relationship with yourself and help you discover more fun activities you didn't know you enjoyed.

  7. Take it easy on yoursself.                                                          We usually except others faults but not our own. It's ok to make mistakes it happens. They're lessons. To not be in a perfect relationship. They barely exist each of ours has their own perks and quirks. You're learning with each year that passes that life can get better after the hurdle. Let's show ourselves more empathy when we fail at something. Everyone has setbacks it's knowing that you can and still step back up to try at it again. Acknowledge your insecurities but don't condemn yourself for them. Be that woman who lets her mistakes spark up the ideas for her successes.

Confidence boosters for your relationship

Your relationship with oneself is important. The way you feel about yourself will be something that helps you be a better person when you have confidence in who you are and becoming. Let these tips boost you self-esteem to make you feel wanted and happy. We all want to be excepted and liked but what matters is that we love ourselves then others will love you too.


Does feeling confident come easy to you? Was it something you felt naturally or do you have to teach yourself to maintain it? Try these tips and let me know in the comments if this helps you get along better in your relationship. Learning to take time to better yourself will show you both how valuable you are to the relationship.