How to have a Happy Love Life that Lasts

happy Love thats lasts 


    Who doesn’t want to be in love and happy for the rest of their lives? Isn’t that why most people choose to be in relationships? Love is the top reason why couples choose to marry. In order to make that last, it takes effort, compassion, and compromise. With these tips, you can learn to maintain the happiness in love we all deserve to live by year after year.

              In the relationships I've been in the only one I ever felt could lead to happy lasting love is the relationships I am in right now. I believe that happiness is getting to do the things you love with the person you love. Your happiness is a choice. Choose to embrace your relationship for all it is. The best part of my relationship is the laughter we bring to it. 

Maintain a relationship that truly makes you happy 

Happiness is gained in a relationship by understanding the needs of the other.

    Each person in the relationship has their own needs and desires. When you learn to communicate to your partner what you need from them it’s easier for them to understand you as a person. By explaining in a calm effective tone how you need them to be more affectionate or plan more activities for you two. Whatever it is if you communicate it with a vulnerable honest way it helps him to understand. It allows for your man to listen and then be able to take action the next chance he gets.

Learn each other's Love Languages

    When I first read The Five Love Languages: The Secret to the love that lasts, by Gary Chapin it changed the way I viewed how I shared my love forever. The way you give and receive love could be two different ways of showing it. Learning to share the kind of love your partner’s Love Language will allow you two to keep that connection alive through your own loving actions. When the both of you come together to understand what kind of love you need to feel happy with one another you can create a long-lasting unbreakable bond.


Give each other positive affirmations

    Positive affirmations for relationships help bring couples closer. By telling your partner the good things he did that day, it shows him you do see and appreciate the things he does. When you both take the time to compliment how you look, an accomplishment at work your proud of, or even just cleaning the dishes. Saying how much you are thankful for having each other around should be a regular habit you practice communicating in your relationship.


Be willing to deal with relationship challenges

    Couples will have their challenges and some when you look back should have been worthwhile. Others that don’t turn out that well should be the ones we learn from even more. Our challenges in our relationships are our greatest love lessons. How we react to them will determine a lot about who we are and how we want our relationships to end up. When you treat your challenges with an open mind and heart you can see what’s truly best for both of you. If you can learn to be challenged by your challenges you can come back from them stronger and wiser for a better love life.

Happy long lasting love


Have a few of the same share hobbies

    Having a boyfriend or husband means you have a permanent partner to try different activities you never know you could be good at together. It’s a fun time combined with a cool new experience so why not see what you both would be able to do regularly together. You could try a few different things and then narrow down which one you really like the best.

For a couples sports activity, you could try these

  • Tennis

  • Coed softball team

  • Soccer

  • Hit the putt at a golf range

  • Coed Kickball

  • Rock Climbing

For other activities that would be a fun hobby to share

  • Salsa and/or workout classes

  • Cooking classes then at home date nights

  • Outdoor activities like hiking, cycling, running etc.

  • Photography

Whatever you choose the couple who shares the same hobbies to have closer connections and are able to share in things that make you and him happy.


Boost your bodies connection

When you do things like making sexy eye contact, snuggle, watch romantic movies, kiss and especially make love to your guy Oxytocin the natural hormone your brain has for those moments projects within you. It is known as the bonding, trust, and cuddle hormone. When you share that with your guy regularly you will naturally keep a feel-good connection. With men, they experience this after having sex. So creating the desire of lovemaking will work to keep his connections long lasting.  Being too busy to make love pushes couples apart.


Learn what pleases your partner sexually

    Being open and honest with each other's sexual desires will help your relationship last. Couples who tell each other what really turns them on and reciprocates their needs makes for a love that brings satisfaction, a necessity in love. When you listen and try it out who knows you might like it too. But be understanding and respectful of each other's feelings. Whatever your partners' sexual needs are open to learning different tricks that can keep your relationship strong and spicy.


Reminisce about the good times

    Talking about that time you had your first date,  that vacation you can’t forget, or that time you went to your favorite restaurant. Special memories bring us to a place in time that we cherish most. When we look back at the good times and all the growth you’ve shared it brings you back to the moments that made you fall in love.

Make him feel like your the best one for him

    Practicing to give your guy some extra special attention will make him feel like he’s caught one of the great ones. If you write him sweet post it notes telling him good luck on a meeting he told you about, or making him his favorite dinner when he gets home after a bad day, it will always show him how caring you are. It will show him that you listen and love him enough to make him feel loved. Every man wants to feel loved as well as women enjoy giving it. Never stop!

A healthy relationship will always be goals to lasting love. Being able to show your love with compassion and consideration can go along way. When you understand how to love your partner your bond can create that lasting love you want.

What do you need to feel the love from another person? What’s your love language?  If you let yourself be honest and always communicate with the respect you could create a lasting relationship you deserve. Let me know in the comments what you do to keep your love healthy.