An easy way to Spring Clean your relationships now

spring clean your relationship

Spring is here! In New York, where I live the winter lingers but there is still the wonder of what to look forward to. With the weather changing into more beautiful seasons, it's the best time to do some spring cleaning. Not just dusting and cleaning out our closets. I'm talking looking at your relationship and thinking about what you would like to clean up and improve. 

People don't often think to spring-clean their relationships but it can help your mood feel better about moving forward for the rest of the year. This time of year is a perfect time to seek the balance we need by letting go of anyone or anything that doesn't serve our soul for the better. Relationships can be draining to our energy whether it be our partners or friends. Don't let any negative energy enter the new season. Be able to communicate your feelings now so that you can move forward with a loving and happy connection for the rest of the year ahead. 

Our relationships play a major role in our lives. Embracing positivity in your relationships will allow you to assess who it is that you truly want to continue to be a part of your life in a positive light. Whether it be your man or your friends. Relationships all take effort. The people that put the effort out of love are your people. Figure out what habits need to change and which you need to start will help you reevaluate your lifestyle for the year ahead.

 Spring into a higher vibration by spring cleaning your relationship.

Let go of what's draining you. Out with the old and in with the new you. Think about what it is that is really sucking the energy out of your days. If your in a relationship that brings you down or you don't feel supported then you should speak up. There is nothing wrong with supporting your friends but they need to support you too. Be honest with them about your change in lifestyle this spring. Let them know that you really want to feel in a good place mentally in order to proceed with a positive mindset the remainder of the year. Plan to get together at least once a month and try checking in every week. A text or a phone call can go along way when you're telling someone you miss them or you were just thinking of them. 

If you have relationships that aren't serving you for the better there is no excuse that should keep you involved. But do. give people the benefit of the doubt. Communicate first how you feel and see what kind of response you get in return. Relationships are created usually because of some kind of common interest that brought you together. Let them know that you value their relationship but you want to feel that you are both bringing each other support and positive vibes only. They could either understand and want to be on your level too or they will react in a negative way back. Either outcome will show you that you either need to take some space apart or support each other in bringing each other up instead of down when life throws you unexpected situations. 

Pinterest an easy way to spring clean your relationships now

The need to de-clutter any distractions is necessary. It's time to start to practice being present. Being distracted by your phone when your trying to spend QT together kills the vibe. Hanging out should be fun always. When your connecting and living in that moment it can create a stronger bond. Try only looking at your phone when you're alone or take a detox together. The next time your out together bring a regular camera not your phone.

Dust off any issues that have flared up over the past few months. Is there anything that isn't vibing well? Have you been bringing up certain topics then end up getting into an argument over it? You need to find a new method. Explore ways to improve areas of your day-to-day interactions so that the resentment and the guilt don’t build up to longer than it needs. It’s the day to day things that sometimes need the most polishing.    

Recycle your best times together. Reliving the most memorable moments you shared is a perfect way to add romance and spring clean any cobb webs you may have. Think of a time when you had a tradition you shared or a fun date you loved. Pick a day to have that moment become recreated now. The best part of spring cleaning is clearing out the things you don't need to make room for the things you really love. 

Lastly look back and reminisce about all the time that have been shared together.  Watching old videos, or looking through some old pictures can create so many laughs and feel good energy. Thinking about your first date, can bring you to a happy place and bring you the happiness needed for a beautiful spring. Sharing memories with your loved one is part of that bond you need to create a long-lasting relationship, 

Hope this spring can bring you the balance you need to make all your relationships become more meaningful. Relationships need a spring cleaning every season. It helps you to see what's important to you and who really matters to us most. We get caught up in our day to day lives.  Good relationships help our well being. Being able to openly communicate, share in reflection, and respect each other are valuable attributes your relationships should maintain. 

Have you ever spring cleaned any of your relationships? Do you think it's worth it? Let me know if you try any of these tips. Would love to hear any improvements you create in the comments below.