9 Impressive Valentine's Day gifts he'll Love

9 Impressive Valentine's gifts he'll love

     Valentine's Day gifts for him are not always easy to choose. If you're married, have a boyfriend or dating someone special this Valentine's day, finding an impressive gift doesn't have to be so hard. Most guys don't care too much to ask for specifics let alone know what they really would want. While some may feel Valentine's Day means more to the women, it really is a special day to express to the person your with that you value their love. Why not celebrate that with someone you really care about.

     I am a firm believer of showing love everyday but also realistic in saying that we often get distracted to do just that. So when there is a holiday dedicated to love. I'm on board to celebrate and choose to make it a big deal especially when you're in a relationship. Thoughtful actions and emotions bring people closer. Choosing to celebrate Valentine's Day creates a special intimate moment you can both share. It doesn't have to be extravagant just thoughtful and cute. When you know your guy well you can find a gift that lets him see how well you really do know him. It shows how much you do care about his interests. Men appreciate when a woman doesn't only expect a gift but how we think of sharing in the expected V-day gift gesture. Get your guy a great gift will most defiantly show him how great of a catch he caught.

Choose one of these Valentine's Day gifts And He'll be sprung off your love

  1. Parrot Mambo FPV - Complete Starter Pack for Drone Racing
Mambo_Parrot Valentine's gift for him

For the guy who likes gadgets The Parrot Mambo is an awesome drone. It can do everything you'd expect it to do — fly — and much more. It can do fun acrobatics, flip and roll through the air with ease. High-tech sensors provide an impressive amount of stability. But that's not all. This little guy can even shoot miniature balls up to six feet away! Be the best girl he's ever had and let him show his friends how cool he is the next time they come by. By showing off how to hit one of them in the back of the head with one of this miniature balls. The FreeFlight Mini app allows you to control it from afar on your smartphone up to 200 feet away. It also comes with an auto pilot function to make sure it won't just fly out of the sky. It will also automatically shut down the motor in case you manage to bash it into a nearby wall. It's an fun gift he'll love. 
$179 on Amazon.com

   2. Tickets to a Sporting event

Basketball game gifts for him

A guy who loves sports will always be happy to tickets to his fave sports team. The thought of you taking the time to plan it shows how cool you are for taking the time to plan a event for him. Guys like when their girls take interest in sports. Beers, baketball, and some game food is what men love about the experience. You can even make that your next date night.                         Price various Ticketmaster.com

   3. GoPro HERO4 Silver

Go pro silver Valentine's Day gift for him

A gift for the adventurous guy. If you want to splurge this Valentine’s Day, the guy in your life will love this super neat wearable and mountable will capture all of your action moments on camera. Your man will love shooting video and photos with this cool camera. The GoPro HERO4 captures 12MP photos at a staggering 30 frames per second. It features built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, allowing you to connect to the GoPro App, Smart Remote and more. This amazing camera is also waterproof up to 30 meters! Makes a great gift to use on his next adventure with you.                                              


Valentine's day gifts for him
Fitness Valentine's gift for him

If your guy is a gym head then a new gym bag would be perfect for organizing his gym gear on the go. This high quality Under Armour Undeniable 3.0 Medium Duffle bag has so many great uses – the gym, sports, traveling and more. I love how the camo and black has that manly feel for him. He can carry this around and not feel the bulk of it. It has an adjustable, padded, Heat Gear shoulder strap for total comfort, plus a top-grip handle. It also has vented end pockets and one expandable pocket for laundry. Want to add to the fitness theme throw in a copy of Men's Fitness magazine with a note that says subscribed for my sexy fit valentine.   $44.99 on Amazon.com


  5. A Craft Beer tasting

Craft beer tasting gift for him

Beer tastings are a lot of fun to go to. Just make sure you have your phone charged for your uber after. If your guy likes beer he would love trying a beer tasting at beer brewery or local beer garden. They're a lot popping up in local neighborhoods. You can easily schedule a tour and tasting in advance. A experience like this can open your pallets to different tastes of craft beers. From Pilsners, Pale Ales and IPAs your guy will be sure to think this gift is great for him.                                                                  Price various, Craft beer brewery finder


6. A Boudoir Photo shoot

boudoir photography gift for him

A classy, sophisticated way to show off your sexy side for your man.. They're a lot of local photographers these days offering packages for 1-2 hour boudoir photo shoots. Check with a local photographer in your area. Some even offer deals on Groupon or Living Social.  It's a beautiful way to show a visual beauty of art that he can forever look at. Your beauty will be captured in time for him to adore forever.                                          Price packages vary, on Groupon.com


7. A DIY Gift

DIY gifts for him

A DIY gift is the sweetest way to give your guy a romantic expression of your love. Every memory shared together is priceless. The pictures we take, the tickets stubs we keep, travel guides we used, or bottle of wine you're saving for a special occasion. Those things are treasures of love you both have to share. You could make him a scrapbook of your year together. A decorated  mason jar of little notes he can read every day of what you love about him. A coupon book with sexy intimacy ideas for him to redeem. Or even a care package with all is fave things including a picture of you. 


   8. Sega Genesis Flashback HD

Sega console gifts for him

For the gamer in your life. The Sega Genesis flashback console is a throwback he would love. Enhanced premium plug and play version of the original console that sold over 35 million units! Features: •Two 2.4G Wireless Controllers •720p HDMI Output •Multiple Display Modes •Original Controller Ports •Built-In 85 Games. Whether he is old enough to have played in his prime or he's young enough to have never played these games, this set is a hit. It's so much fun to get a chance to play old school games like Sonic, Mortal Combat, Zelda and more. You two could even compete against each other and show him your gaming skills. This gift is sure to make him smile like a kid.                                                   $69.93 on Amazon.com


   9. Autographed Memorabilia

baseball autograph gifts for him

Guys who love sports would love a autographed photo, basketball, baseball, helmet, puck whatever type he fans out for the most. Depending on who and what he is a fan of. A wife or girlfriend that would take the time to surprise him with something like this would be a winner in his heart. Not only does it represent his passion for sports, it shows you support his passion. As well as gives him a gift that has value for the future.        Prices vary, on Ebay.com


Remember Valentine's Day is a day to appreciate the love you have in your life. Choose to get something that shows you value the relationship you two share. He will see that you're the kind of person who takes the time to get him something meaningful he likes. What guy won't love that? Take the time to also grab him a Valentine's Day card. Cards are a perfect way to express how much you care. Whatever he plans go with the flow and appreciate his effort. Let your conversation be light hearten with focus on the present moment. Embrace the moment by realizing how great it is to spend another Valentine's Day together. Cheers to love!